Friday, June 7

[ROM] Hyperion 8 Build 2.3 for Samsung Galaxy Y

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best rom for samsung galaxy y hyperion 8 build2.3

Hyperion 8 ROM is here he returned little by little with awesome new features and improvements for Samsung Galaxy Young.
New build of Hyperion ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y is released now.
For the moment this first build of new Hyperion Rebuilding ROM coming soon new updates.

What's needed for installing new Hyperion ROM:

  • Download Stock ROM DXLL1 Odin package from - here
  • Download Hyperion ROM build2.3 from - here
  • Download IMEI Repairing zip from - here

How to install Hyperion ROM:

  1. At first flash Stock ROM DXLL1 through ODIN flasher.
  2. Put Hyperion ROM and IMEI repair zips to SD Card.
  3. Swith off Phone and follow key combinations VOL UP + HOME BUTTON + POWER BUTTON for 5sec.
  4. Go to apply update from sd->choose (if you don't have download from - here)
  5. In CWM.
  6. Go to mounts and storage->mount all data,system,cache.
  7. Go to install zip from sdcard->choose Hyperion zip file.
  8. Wait to installation to finish!
  9. Reboot Now!
  10. Once ROM is booting again go to CWM and apply IMEI Repairing zip (this's important because you don't make a calls incoming and outcoming).
  11. That's it! New Hyperion ROM is on your Galaxy Y!

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