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[MOD] PureAudio™ Engine for Android

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beats audio xloud megabass booster for android for samsung galaxy young
pure audio engine for android

Who doesn't love good music?

I'm completely sure 90 percent of people on this planet "Earth", listen to music every day at any time.
Тhe music is an inexplicable feeling that we feel when we listen but, so we can hear the quality of music we must have and good music devices but not everyone can buy expensive phone.Тo some extent it's possible to skip this purchase and to improve our current Android smartphone whatever he's.
Let me introduce the following MOD to listen to a qualitative music collected from all mods by bit actually like All in One package best music mods.

Pure Audio Engine MOD - [AIO][Beats Audio, xLOUD, Sony Audio]

- Clear sound
- No more track noise
- Beats™ Audio by Dr.Dre
- Audio Pure™ Control not to damage your hearing
- Also compatible with the headphones that don't support audio render of 60kHz
- Where possible, arrange for the conversion of the songs (in background) below 256 kbps to 320kbps
- During playback of songs / sounds make a soft frequency scaling to reduce noise and highlight the track
- It offers more powerful and closed bass
- Efficient even with stock headphones
- Improves a lot the audio call
- Enhance the speakers for playing music without headphones in high quality

Below measurement was done/tested with app Noise meter as follows:
- High dB = worst quality
- Less dB = higher sensitivity and better sound

beats by dr.dre audio boost for android
how to boost audio on my android device

This Audio Engine works on GB/ICS/JB/CM9/10.x/AOSP ICS and I hope even KLP (in future), it doesn't work on any CM7.x.

- For a better perception of sound using good headphones;
- You have already installed Beats Audio or xLoud in your rom?
Answer: It would be preferable to remove Beats™ , xLoud or other Audio MODs, but if you don't succeed .... no problem! The important thing is you remove DSP Manager;

Disclaimer: We( or Developers of this MOD will not be responsible in case of The Things that are not desired as brick, bootloop, etc...
Please follow the instructions that the installation process goes well.

How to install this MOD:
for best result try it with Appolo Music Player
- Download latest version of MOD - here
- Boot into CWM
- Go to mounts and storage:
mount system
mount data
- Next go to install zip from sd and choose PureAudio™ Engine zip
- Reboot and enjoy the feels like to be in seventh heaven!

- Initial relase

- It does not require DSP Manager, the difference is noticeable already after the first start
- Updated libraries Beats™ Audio

v1.0 | Major Relase: - Download

- Major Relase / STABLE 
- Beats™ Audio now compatible with Apollo Music Player
- Studio Quality
- Latest release
- xLoud lib updated

Tested Devices:
- Galaxy Mini / Mini Plus
- Galaxy Ace / Ace-i
- Galaxy S / S Plus / S Advance
- Galaxy S2 / S3
- Galaxy Y / Y New Model
- Galaxy Note
- Galaxy Note II
- Galaxy Fit
- Galaxy Gio

- Galaxy Next / Next Turbo
- HTC One
- HTC Desire X
- LG Optimus L7 / L9 / L5 II

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