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How to play most of Games on Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360

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how to install chainfire3d on samsung galaxy young GTS360

How to play most of games on Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360 by using application Chainfire3D.
Some of the Android games have a lot of lag and not working properly on Samsung Galaxy Y, or else you can play serious games on this phone for example, the converted Games from armv7 CPU's to this processor armv6 that is used by Galaxy Y.However these games require that have a good CPU and high performance GPU.With this app we skip certain requirements and we enjoy of these amazing games which the in any way we can not play on our Galaxy Y without the use of Chainfire3D.

What is Chainfire 3D ? 

Chainfire3D actually is an mediator OpenGL driver.
Chainfire3D sits between your Games and the GPU graphics driver and can intercept and/or changing some commands so as to optimize textures, quality and memory and it will increase the performance of games and thus your games should be working smoothly, faster and without any lag.
Supports the integration of some extra special function with plugins like Qualcomm, PowerVR, NVIDIA.

Root is required to works this app.
Chainfire3D is for 1ghz+ devices only , but working on Samsung Galaxy Y and others which are under these requirements armv6 Android Phones.

Features include reducing texture size and quality to reduce memory use and potentially increase game performance, as well as increasing memory use potentially increase performance.

Disclaimer: We( or Developers of this APP will not be responsible in case of The Things that are not desired as brick, bootloop, etc...
Please follow the instructions that the installation process goes well.

How to installing Chainfire3D on Samsung Galaxy Y
requirments: before this tutorial root your Galaxy Y if you have not already done so

1. At first Download "Chainfire3D" from Play Store or download direct from here and install like normal app.
2. Next Download Plugins - here.
note: don't extract plugins just put 3 Plugins zips into SD Card  .
- ""
- ""
- ""
3. Launch Chainfire3D and grand root access.
4. Go to Options section and press install CF3D driver phone will be reboot after installation

note: if the process of installation remain more than two minutes, just pull battery or hold for  10-15sec. Power on/off button.
5.  So after install must to show option " Install plugins/shaders press and wait to appear 3 Plugins and press 1 by 1 to installing .
6. Then go back and scroll to "Default OpenGL settings" at end you will see option "Use Plugin" and the installed plugins should be there.
note that for each game using a different plugin and configuration settings this depends on the game.

Screen shots how to:   

how to play most games on samsung galaxy young

Chainfire3D developer site: 

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