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[DETAILED-GUIDE] How to make a NANDROID backup with ClockWorkMod - Samsung Galaxy Y

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how to make nandroid backup clockworkmod samsung galaxy young s5360
Know more what is ClockWorkMod and how to do, but let's newbies to do it.
How to make a NANDROID Backup of Samsung Galaxy Young by means of Custom Recovery ClockWorkMod.

First let's say what is ClockWorkMod and what it used ?
Here's the explanation: Actually the Android OS itself contains Stock Recovery, but it does not give an opportunity to make а backup or install any Rom's simply just can root phone or apply some updates for device(like touchscreen firmware or Android version upgrades although it becomes is already directly from the interface itself OTA).
So ClockWorkMod a.k.a CWM is Custom Recovery for Android devices that helps to make a NANDROID Backup of entire OS with system files, apps, contacts, messages in one word everything from the phone even kernel, which powered the the overall OS and thus we can install/experimenting with different Custom Roms, Mods, Tweaks etc. without worrying that it will lose information or data.

And what is this Nandroid Backup ?
Actually already we mentioned this is a backup which is performed by Recovery CWM.

 Disclaimer: We ( are not responsible to any kind of damages on your device after installing this TUTORIAL/GUIDE.
(By installing this
TUTORIAL/GUIDE, You Have Agreed To This)

Let's start making backup:

Ensure you have at least more than 50% battery as certainty.
Also ensure that you have at least 500mb of free space on your SD Card (my backup around 300-400mb).
  1. Download from here and put directly into the SD Card.
  2. Switch off completely your Galaxy Y.
  3. Boot into Stock Android Recovery when is turned off phone press following key combinations VOL UP + MIDDLE BUTTON + POWER BUTTON for 5-6sec. until the appear text with red color.
  4. On Stock Recovery go to "apply update from sdcard" (this's 2nd option) note: touch screen not working you can navigate by pressing VOL UP/DOWN buttons and for selecting press MIDDLE BUTTON.
  5. Then find a the downloaded file must be at the top select it.(note: if you rename file to other name should be of the first alphabetic characters ABC or numbers 123, because will not be visible will went down the list).
                                             android recovery samsung galaxy young s5360
  6. So now you should see a screen with orange text color, if so you are in the right direction this is CWM Custom Recovery.
    clockworkmod recovery samsung galaxy young
  7. Let us look at menu they are many options, but for now in this guide/tutorial we only need the option "Backup and Restore" (sixth position) this option has three different options:
    cwm recovery for samsung galaxy y
  8. >BACKUP

                                              nandroid backup samsung galaxy y
    option"BACKUP" for backing up system option second "RESTORE" you can restore the already created backup
    and last option is "ADVANCED RESTORE" you can restore
    separately from some "BACKUPS" data, system,boot.img(this's kernel) or when installed Custom rom and want to restore just data(apps) of previous backup.
  9. By pressing "Backup" process of NANDROID Backup starts and you just wait 2-3min.max
    so you have a FULL BACKUP of your OS.
  10. That's it! Return to Reboot Now option press it for rebooting!!!
In case you want to Restore the created backup, because you are screwed up your system with wrong tweak,mod or crummy ROM, you need the option "Restore".

Precedure simple as above:
  1. Boot into CWM
  2. Go to option "Backup and Restore"
  3. Select RESTORE
  4. Choose your backup name he under the name of the а date day when created
  5. And all information/data will returned on your phone
  6. That's it!
  7. Reboot Now!
Let explain the last option "ADVANCED RESTORE" in detailed: 
In fact you can choose a certain part of your Backup in cases where you have installed and must again to install all applications this is wasted time this option allows you to restore only "DATA" that's great.

  1. So boot into CWM
  2. Go to option "Backup and Restore"
  3. Select ADVANCED RESTORE->select data
  4. Wait 1-2min. process to complete and your apps restored on your new ROM
  5. Reboot Now and Enjoy ! ! !
 I hope you will to clarify some things :)

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