Sunday, April 7

Subway Surfers for Galaxy Y Optimized with no laggs

Subway Surfers for Samsung Galaxy Y & Galaxy Y DUOS but maybe working with other Armv6 devices not tested.Game modded special optimized with less lag(99% no lag), but with some tweaks(search on my blog) and also overclocking with Merruk kernel working smoothly with zero lag.This game officialy not supported for Samsung Galaxy Y & Galaxy Y DUOS therefore game updates will not be downloaded from Play Store.

subway surfers galaxy duos

subway surfers for samsung

download subway surf galaxy young


  1. hey bro! post this! new gplay app...

  2. some lag but worth to play

    1. not big lag
      overclock your device or find some tweaks from my blog

  3. Dude, you r awesome! 99%no lag! Its true.... :O
    Finally a blog that tells the truth :P
    I overclocked my device to 1.2ghz and its running 99% no lag :D
    And yeah, if u can, post Temple Run 2 for our ****ing galaxy y!
    Thank you!

    1. As I tried, all temple run versions don't work in Galaxy Y. :(

  4. Unfortunately currently no version that runs our phone

  5. I am on stock kernel and this version runs just fine. At least, the game is playable (unlike the ROME version on your blog). The only lag it's giving me is the slow response. I think I will simply install Merruk Kernel, rather than complaining about it.
    Although I am a little nervous, even after doing so many experiments on my device, which soft bricked my device about uncountable times and hard bricks a few times (sighs). And all that because I was experimenting my own ROM's and Kernels on the device. The RoMs were a success, but Kernels, never and always gave me hard bricks.
    Since the one on your blog has been tested, I think I will try it.

  6. Тhis version of Subway is the best possible optimized to reduce lag.
    Install Merruk to overclock
    Try FLY-ON MOD Tweaks (gamers scripts)