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Best set of Custom Kernels for Samsung Galaxy Y

best kernel for samsung galaxy y

 I present to you best of the best kernels for Samsung Galaxy Young.
Kernels are unbelievable most stable with best possible improvements and features in one word kernels are incredible.

Disclaimer: We ( or Developers of this KERNELS are not responsible to any kind of damages on your device after installing this KERNELS.
(By installing this KERNELS, You Have Agreed To This)

merruk kernel galaxy y

Merruk is first kernel created for Samsung Galaxy Y by developer Maroc-OS!
Top of all others kernels.

Overclocking support up-to 1200mhz 
Perfect for 3D gaming but installation is a bit complicated for newbies don't panic! follow below my instruction for avoid correct installing and avoid of bootloop.
Features : 
  • Swap Support
  • Some Bug Fixes
  • CPU Spy App Fix
  • Game-Port Modules
  • Graphic Engine Driver
  • Security Patches Added
  • TUN/TAP, Virtual Adapter
  • Added USB CORE Support
  • HID, EHCI, OHCI, Support
  • VibeTunz (TM) Technology
  • MERRUK Tempfs for SU Binary
  • EXT2/EXT3 & EXT4/JBD2 support
  • SD-EXT Support, System & Recovery
  • CIFS Support. (Mount Shared Folders)
  • NETFILTER Compatibility with DROIDWAL
  • Recovery in Read/Write mode & [ADB Root]
  • Added IO Scheduler. (Deadline, CFQ, VR, SIO)
  • BLMUNLOCK Added, & a Script to run it at boot
  • INIT.D Support & Auto Create init.d in /system/etc
  • BusyBox Support PreInstalled (Busybox binary in /sbin)
  • Root Support [ADB Root] & PreInstalled (SU binary in /sbin)
  • Added MFC, (MULTI FORMAT CODEC) Firmware From Samsung
  • Multi-language Module Support For UTF-8 on CIFS Mount Shares
  • /Cache and /Data, Can be mounted as EXT4. (/System Need's Fixes)
  • Add The Permanent Modded / Fixed CloclWorkMode Recovery. (V.
  • Mount SDCARD WITH EXT4 FS Supported (You Need to Format it With EXT4)
  • New J4FS SUPPORT. (We Can Mode it to have our new optimized j4fs rw filesystem)
  • Modules for VPN/IPSec Support. (IPsec AH, IPsec user configuration interface, IP Tunneling, )
  • Added CPU Governor Feature. (SmartassV2, Conservative, Ondemand, Powersave & Userspace, etc...)
Merruk kenel 2.5 #206 latest version

Install instructions :

At first download files :

  1. CWM- download 
  2. Kernel update - download
  3. MerrukTechnology v2.0 Pre-Final - download
  4. Ext4 Converter - download
  5. Elite modules - download
Now copy all downloaded files into root folder of SDcard (not in any folder)

important: Make backup of your ROM from CWM

  1. Boot into Recovery [VOL UP + HOME BUTTON + POWER BUTTON] for 5sec.
  2. Apply file from SDcard->find CWM and press yes
  3. In cwm go to install zip from SDcard->choose
  4. Again go to install zip from SDcard->choose 
  5. Wait for everything be completed !!!
  6. Then go to backup and restore :
    • select anvanced restore
    • skip boot.img and sd-ext
    • restore only data, system, cache
  7. Wait for restore !!!
  8. Reboot to recovery to see permanently ClockWorkMod
  9. Finaly all operations you can install
  10. That's it ! ! ! Enjoy

savie kernel galaxy y

 Savie-kernel great kernel by developer savie
All possible improvements we have in it and many other features for experienced users!

 Features :
  • swap support
  • sdcard and battery tweaks
  • ext2/ext3/ext4 support
  • 5 freq (156-312-468-624-832)
  • CM7/9 support
  • permanent clockworkmod recovery 5.x.x
  • system-replacer support
  • init.d support
  • dualboot support
  • sio-iosched
  • smartassV2 governor

Additional Features:
  • 3 iosched
  • 18 governor
  • bacem tweak (-80mV)
  • cifs modules
  • activate 2ndROM
  • droidwall modules  

Savie-kenel Latest version savieSGY#73REV

 Install instructions with Aroma installer easy process:
  • Download savie kernel here and copy to SDcard
  • Boot into CWM
  • Go to install zip from SDcard->choose
    note: installation of kernel is with Aroma installer
  • On aroma installer you can use touchscreen for selection
  • So, first screen press next 
  • Then tick checkbox i agree with terms 
  • Then next
  • Choose installation
  • Select installation type default and install now
  • Wait for complete installation 100%
  • Finaly next and finish
  • Reboot system & Enjoy
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white kernel galaxy y
 White-Kernel by developer whitexp

Features :
  • compability with all roms
  • init.d
  • adb suport
  • swap support
  • busybox
  • root(super user)
  • integrated clockworkmod
  • droidwall support
  • dnsproxyd 
  • most used cpu governors(smartassV2, conservative, ondemand, userspace, powersave)
  • i/o schedulers(deadline, sio-iosched, vr-iosched)
  • using merruk ramdisk!   
  • wifi driver for more performance, less battery consumption
  • 5 frequencies (832-624-468-312-156) 
  • Zram
  • EXT4 support for system,data and cache
  • 100 patches on kernel linux
  • tweaks and patches for system rfs ,ext 2,ext3, ext4
  • battery drain reduced with +20 tweaks     
  • supported all bootanimations
 White-kernel Latest version 1.3.3

Install instructions from cwm: 
  • Download kernel here
  • Unpack with 7zip and copy boot.img to root folder in SDcard
  • Download kernel updater here and copy to root folder in SDcard
  • Boot into CWM 
  • Go to install zip from SDcard->choose
  • Then all operations above 
  • Download WiFi driver here and install from CWM
  • Download Zram here install from CWM
Install instructions from ODIN: 
  • Download kernel here
  • Download odin here
  • Launch ODIN
  • Select PDA
  • choose downloaded kernel
  • Press Start 
  • Wait for complete and reboot device
  • Download WiFi driver here install from CWM
  • Download Zram here install from CWM
  • That's it!
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hell kernel galaxy y

Hell kernel by developer Hell_Lock

Features : 

  • init.d supported
  • Performance fixes
  • Ext 2,3,4 with NTFS
  • Droidwall supported
  • Swap support
  • Clockworkmod permanently integrated
  • Ramdisk modded to run cyanogenmod7 easily
  • Bacem tweak
  • Wifi and brightness modules
  • 4 frequencies for ultimate backup
  • ---832 Mhz(undervolted already to save battery)
  • ---624 Mhz
  • ---312 Mhz
  • ---156 Mhz
  • ---Deep sleep
  • 16 governors for people with different tastes
  • ---performance
  • ---powersave
  • ---userspace
  • ---conservative
  • ---lagfree
  • ---interactiveX
  • ---savagedzen
  • ---scary
  • ---brazilianwax
  • ---hotplug
  • ---smartass2
  • ---lionheart
  • ---smoothass
  • ---lazy
  • ---interactive
  • 3 io schdulers
  • ---cfq
  • ---noop
  • ---deadline
  • ---vr
  • ---sio
Hell kernel latest version hell_fusion#50

Install instructions :
  • Download kernel here copy to SDcard
  • Follow instruction on Aroma installer



  1. Please help... i installed the kernel step by step... everything went normal, but i wanted to make a phonecall and got this message not registered in network.. it deleted the imei.. what can i do?... thanks... (sorry for english)

  2. i made a backup.. but when i try to restore.. it still the same

    1. hello, what kernel you installed ? what is your rom ?

    2. Stock rom...and i installed merruk kernel....i forgot... after that i tried installing another rom + kernel ( i really dont remeber which one) and didnt workout... so i tried restoring my rom it kind of work but kept the previous kernel not the stock

    3. install fresh stock rom from odin
      wipe data/cache/dalvik then recover your rom before lost your imei

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. here is for poland

  5. module not found installing elite kernel modules

  6. error restoring system

  7. pls provide detailed

  8. Please hel
    I flashed meruk
    Then system restore error occured
    Data and cache were restore
    I still continued the proces
    Then when i strted the phone
    It hanged on the 1st screen
    Aw aw. . .then i tried to restor
    It said
    Error while flashing boot image

  9. Hello,

    I recommend to flash fresh custom ROM.

  10. done with merruk kernel, doing it step by step.. then when done.. I;m stuck in the loading screen..oh well..i need some help here

  11. try with don't restore backup install custom rom from zip but remove kerner if have in zip

  12. Does Merruk Kernel work on my Galaxy Y, Ultimate Alfa ROM [Aroma] ??? PLS. REPLY!

  13. on all ROMs working

  14. all roms yes but all roms with no bugs no. (the famous wifi and bluetoothbug)

  15. please help me i'm using merruk kernel and i want to change to stock kernel

  16. Hello,
    No problem just flash stock kernel via ODIN.

  17. can someone upload savie kernel

  18. hi,
    we have more good kernel look here