Tuesday, January 29

[ROM] Hyperion 8 PRE-GM Project 2013

galaxy young hyperion 8

At the beginning of this New Year 2013 have a new version of the great fastest and smoothest ROM with codename Hyperion Project 2013 by exclusive developer CarlDeanCatabay.

He has made improvements to our cool smart phone, our Samsung Galaxy Young will be even faster, more robust smart and very stable with no more nerves.There are many cool improvements for battery and more more...
Battery life is so long that you can play games, surf on internet, listen a music, take a photos, long calls up to 2 days with single charge.
 Recommended for Hyperion ROM maniacs and all others who want something better :>)

hyperion 8 rom for samsung galaxy y

 Hyperion 8 PRE-GM 
Total ear-gasm: ALSA (AlsaProject) + Beats Audio Engine v2
Combined and tuned up two sound engines for superb sound quality when listening to music. This time, sound enhancements are activated at startup without the use of DSP Manager
    Mouth watering pixel goodness
      Like JellyBean looks but sluggish like old granny? Worry no more! Hyperion 8 combines JellyBean UI and transparency into a piece of art. We don't simply take frameworks, systemUI and put it in a blender. We make sure we put "what belongs together".
        Project butter Hyperion style
          Collected all the best tweaks out there for a superb super smooth UI. Others would say "No! That's not real! Project butter is JB only", yes that is correct if you can't read between the lines
            More juice more fun!
              Hate running out of juice as much as you do, so we made sure you can get the most of your battery. We put 23 CPU governors and 5 IO schedulers to tame that nasty CPU! And with deep sleep? Your phone will get more sleep than you do! -well at least for me this is a true statement

                FEATURES :

                Basic - all custom roms must have Common - though not working in other roms
                  • Rooted
                  • De-Odexed
                  • Optimized APK Images
                  • Zipaligned
                  • Apps2SD enabled
                  • Recompressed APKS
                  • BusyBox and BusyBox run-parts support

                    • 4-way Reboot Options
                    • Status bar Tweaks + TEAM battery bar
                    • 15 Toggle Notification Drawer
                    • 6 Lockscreens from Gingerbread AOSP/CM with customapp starter and gesture unlock
                    • Expanded Power Menu (because themers and mods crash systemUI most of the time, we need other ways of rebooting)
                    Advanced Plus - only Hyperion
                      • EXT4 File System Support
                      • UnderVolt Support
                      • CIFS
                      • BaCeM Tweak
                      • Swap SupportAd-blocking host file
                      • Firewall Support (DroidWall Open-Source Project)

                        • Ear-gasmic sound quality(new tweak)
                        • Supercharged Hyperion Core v2 with Adrenaline Engine v4.4
                        • Modular system structure
                        • Transparent JellyBean user interface
                        • System Replacer
                        • Integrated Autostart manager, Firewall and Network Unlocker
                        Unique - not all custom roms have Experimental(new tweaks)
                            • No false Android version
                            • No SMS Bug
                            • No useless feature
                            •  Least branding (Like creed parts or cod parts or whatever. We don't like that. It's your phone, not ours)
                              • Disable HW overlays - Always use GPU for screen compositing
                              • Force GPU Rendering - Force use of GPU for 2D rendering
                              • 32bit transparency - Better graphics performance and full transparency support
                              • Allow purging of assets - Purging of bitmap memory assets allows freeing of more RAM when needed (you can now get as low as 85-90mb used RAM)

                                                      How to install :

                              • download rom copy to SDCARD
                              • boot to ClockWorkMod
                              • install zip from SDCARD->choose hyperion8
                              • wait to install
                              • reboot ! ! !

                               How to get root access

                              -go to launcher and find SuperSU
                              -and update Su binary see from screenshots

                              hyperion 8 root galaxy y

                              Disclaimer: We (Galaxyyoung.net) or Developers of this ROM are not responsible to any kind of damages on your device after installing this ROM.
                               DO IT WITH YOUR OWN RISK!!!
                              (By installing this ROM, You Have Agreed To This)
                              download hyperion 8 for samsung galaxy y

                              note: this version is not final version wait for further improvements and surprises


                              1. Stock in Samsung GALAXY Y Logo :o
                                is this normal ?

                              2. I just want to change default wallpaper from the zip, but it is encrypted, how am i suppose to know the password?

                              3. Successfully installed this ROM, its quite smooth and fast. But not having talk app for gtalk. also tried installing varies gapps packages. no gain

                              4. Replies
                                1. audio FX widget not working
                                  error- no room on desktop
                                  when increase colomn size it work but other icon get affect it.... :-?

                              5. Audio fx working
                                follow these steps :
                                -add widget audio fx to desktop
                                -set transparency to 40%
                                -then clean memory with task manager
                                -finally adjust audio settings
                                note: if you do a reboot set transparency again

                              6. when i installed it my phone is jst stuck up in galaxy y logo its nt getting started

                                1. I know about this problem Stuck on Glaxy Y logo. Can you boot in recovery or nothing working as frozen?
                                  This rom contains custom kernel when you flash hyperion sometimes makes the problem and must to flash fresh stock rom from odin.
                                  If you have access to recovery install any kernel(including stock kernel) to boot correct after you can revert back to hyperion kernel again !
                                  I hope I helped ! ! !
                                  For any help , drop a comment :)

                              7. wifi not working with this ROM. help!!!

                                1. bro working reboot device and again connect to wifi network !

                              8. Works fine for me, except that i cant enable the 32bit transparency and the audio fx. But overall its great rom.

                                1. yes 32bit transparency not working

                                  audio fx working
                                  Look at the comment above !

                              9. i just cant download instagram.? i think other app doesnt work with this..

                                1. how to cant download wifi not working or what ?
                                  other apps ? i don't understand

                              10. dxle can use this rom sir..
                                or all samsung young

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                                useful data, thanks for providing such statistics.

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                              12. Replies
                                1. if you install on used(not fresh) rom with installed apps, games etc. you need to wipe data/cache for good working after you can install again apps

                              13. stuck on galaxy y logo
                                i flash stock kernel but it stuck at battery charging while using odin and start..
                                what to do??

                                1. flash fresh stock rom
                                  after that install kernel choose one from my post
                                  install hyperion
                                  important: wipe data,system,cache,dalvik,battery stats

                                2. lol.. my hyperion8.zip was damage.. i try download new one and its work..
                                  anyway thanks..
                                  hey,, why can't i update my supersu??
                                  i put merruk kernel before update.. but it just wont update.. :(

                                3. not necessarily to update your su binary

                              14. wifi wont work read previous posts but wifi wont work any solutions

                              15. sorry rebooted and wifi worked thnx

                              16. Replies
                                1. 3g or wifi ? reboot phone internet comes

                              17. hi! can I install this rom with an unrooted sgy?

                                1. It does't matter whether has root or not rooted.
                                  Just put clockworkmod on your sdcard or install kernel with integrated cwm search in my blog then download rom and install(rom contains root)

                              18. hi i am stuck after installing hyperion 8 .recovery mode not started.i have a bacck up but i can't use it please help....

                                1. yes i know for this problem
                                  Actually problem come from mounting a system note: before flashing any rom do mount everything from "mounts and storage" even if shows mounted unmount and mount again
                                  For your problem: flash any kernel from odin problem is will be solved

                              19. Wifi not working even tho' i rebooted. any fixes ?

                              20. please give me a link to working GTalk on Hyperion 7

                                1. here's link "TALK" put in /system/app set permission rw-r-r
                                  that's it!

                              21. Does this work with all types of Samsung galaxy y's eg like the gt-s5360t and gts5363?

                              22. yes will work only difference of gt-5363 is branded by the carrier

                              23. is it not supported OTA?