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Flash Player 11 for Samsung Galaxy Young working with all browsers

flashplayer11-for-samsung-galaxy-young Flash Player 11 + (with official libs) for Samsung Galaxy Young working with Stock/Custom Roms and all browsers(including android browser). So far Flash Player not compatible with Android phones with Armv6 CPU's but now ported possible for all Armv6 CPU's.
You can play videos from anywhere like facebook, youtube and other video source.
You can play flash games, load flash banners.
This guide is How to install Flash Player 11 + official libs for Armv6

Disclaimer: We ( or no one are not to be held responsible if you damage or brick your device due to using this Tutorial. Proceed With Caution !
(By using this Tutorial, You Have Agreed To This)

                              Let's begin to first step in this Tutorial :

Download package(contains Adobe_Flash_Player_11.1.111.9.apk + official libs)
Download Root Browser Lite from Play Store or other free file manager


                                             1. Install Adobe_Flash_Player_11.1.111.9.apk 

2. copy and to /data/data/com.adobe.flashplayer/lib

flash player for armv6
3. set permissions for folder com.adobe.flashplayer 

samsung galaxy y flash player

4. set permissions for folder lib

5. finally set permissions for and

samsung galaxy young armv6 flash player
download flash player for samsung galaxy young

Note: You need to do these procedures several times until it files remain after you restart your phone
Recommended use SWAP to increase virtual RAM.

Original source XDA
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