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GetuX Touch Recovery for Samsung Galaxy Y

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full touch recovery for samsung galaxy young gts5360

You are tired when you scrolling with volume rocker while you work with CWM recovery when you do backup or restore of your Android system or installing new ROMs or other stuff.
Here's the first touch recovery for Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 based on CWM recovery.
It's provides simple and good atmosphere with full touch support with many other features and options than normal CWM recovery for Galaxy Y.
GetuX recovery has easily to use navigation bar also all hardware keys working too with touch.GetuX touch recovery is a good option for all of us and this recovery is temporary not integrated into kernel or other place.

Main features of Recovery:

  • Full touch support
  • All hardware keys functionality retained
  • AROMA File Manager
  • Based on CWM recovery v5.0.2.8
  • Fix reboot menu
  • Navigation bar
  • Advanced backup
  • Reconfigure & Redesign UI
  • Touchscreen Support thanks to Napstar

How to boot into GetuX touch recovery:

note: this's temporary recovery

  1. Download from - here
  2. Turn off your device and boot into stock Android recovery by pressing together Vol up + Home + Power button for 3sec.
  3. Then apply update from sd and look for zip file then install
  4. Further you know what to do!!!
  5. Enjoy!
source: XDA
developer: cleverior.ipul

[CM9-ROM-UPDATE] CyanogenMod 9.1 Beta 5 for Samsung Galaxy Y, Galaxy Ace I, Galaxy Mini

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cyanogenmod 9.1 beta 5 for samsung galaxy y galaxy ace i galaxy mini i

Оver the past three months team of BroadcomCM working on CyanogenMod 9.1 for various devices with bcm21553 broadcom chipset and here is it Beta 5 release.
CyanogenMod 9.1 for all bcm21553 broadcom chipsets for devices Samsung Galaxy Y [GT-S5360], Samsung Galaxy Ace i [GT-S830i], Samsung Galaxy Mini i [GT-S5570i].
It's best ever developed ROM for these devices and so they took another step up to bring complete user experience of almost fully functional CyanogenMOD 9.1 ROM.
New Beta 5 provides fixes that makes your device to running further smooth and without issues than older version.
One of the most important changes are:
HW system is fully improved and working at 100%.
Fixed various problems like camera, wifi, bluetooth, audio.
Beta 5 using new drivers and libs for better performance and speed.
Below you can see ful list of changes and fixes of new release just see.

Take a look what is fixed and added:

  • CWM6 built from ICS source and integrated on kernel build
  • Re-newed device tree from scratch
  • Finally improved and fixed whole HW system
  • Renewed and swithced to AOSP open offline charging
  • New camera library based on qcom msm7x27 devices
  • New binary for get_macaddrs and patched
  • New WIFI configurations
  • New recovery.fstab partitiont table
  • New kernel worked from 0 for all three devices
  • New ramdisk full compatible with CM9 and built from source
  • New liblight lib open source - future support of BLN
  • Optimized libgralloc and libhwcomposer
  • Imporved Nexus S audio libs
  • Completely removed artifacts on screen due to bad HW drivers
  • Fixed microphone
  • Fixed WiFi signal bars
  • Fixed laggy bootanimation
  • Fixed GPS - need more tests
  • Fixed whole adb system (adb shell, su)
  • Fix battery capacity of some devices, and imrporved battery stats
  • Camera preview working
  • Camera pictures working too on native camera app
  • Added all propietary necessary camera libs
  • Panorama mode also working
  • Stop using old Bluetooth system, and swithced to CM9
  • Vold now built from source, and faster media scanning
  • Init and adb binaried built from source
  • Force adb to work on the first boot without debug options
  • Common kernel is present on this build
  • Switched to Alcatel libv3d kernel drivers
  • Adapted cooperve camera drivers to common kernel
Currently bugs which will be fixed soon:
  • Video Recording
  • Audio routing (Front Speaker and headphones not working)
  • Tethering
  • Encoders (Hantro) - this mostly will never be fixed

First time installation of CM9.1 on Galaxy Y:
this instructions is for state on stock ROM or coming from another custom ROM

note: recommended to do a Nandroid backup before installing anyting just for save :) - if you don't know how to? take a look at this post - here
  1. Download CM ROM zip and CWM6 recovery and put into root of your SD
  2. Boot into CWM recovery by flashing CWM zip file in android stock recovery  
  3. In CWM:
    - wipe data/cache
    - format system
  4. Go to install zip from sd->look for CM zip file then confirm installation
  5. Wait for installation to complete!
  6. You can reboot your device.That's it!
  7. Congratulations you've the best ROM on your Galaxy Y, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Mini!

CWM6 recovery for Samsung Galaxy Y - here
Download CM9.1 Beta 5 for Galaxy Y - here
Download CM9.1 Beta 5 for Galaxy Ace i - here
Download CM9.1 Beta 5 for Galaxy Mini i - here

source: XDA
main developer: bieltv.3

CWM Recovery for all Broadcom bcm21533 Samsung devices

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temporary cwm recovery for samsung galaxy y duos ace pocket

Temporary ClockWorkMod recovery now builded from source for all bcm21553 Broadcom based device such as SAMSUNG Galaxy Y GT-S5360, Galaxy Y DUOS GT-S6102, Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300, Galaxy Pocket Duos GT-S5302, Galaxy ACE GT-S5380I, Galaxy Y GT-B5510 etc.
CWM builded from CM9 sources, not used from CM11, because source of CM11 causing problems like black screen.
This CWM Recovery working at 100% flawlessly on above devices.
Now you don't need to use older version of recovery which is get this one.

How to install and how to use it:
It's simple as previous version of CWM 
This's temporary recovery it's mean:
Not be installable or integratable into recovery partition, actually because this models doesn't have individual partition like another brands.

1. You just need to apply CWM recovery zip from stock Android recovery
2. By Turning off your device and holding together follow buttons for 5 second:

for e.g. Galaxy Y

booting into cwm recovery galaxy y ace duos pocket

3. Go to apply update from sdcard and look for file then apply by selecting with home button.

cwm 6 samsung galaxy y ace duos pocket
4. You will see screen like this.

cwm 6 for samsung galaxy y ace duos pocket
5. Further you know what to do :)


source: XDA
developer: bieltv.3

[GUIDE] How to Root/Unroot Samsung Galaxy Y DUOS GT-S6102

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root unroot samsung galaxy y duos gt-s6102

 In this post I'm gonna describe how to Root Samsung Galaxy Y DUOS GT-S6102.
Advantages of RootRooting is very important for most users of Android devices because with Root you can doing everything like installing themes, mods, tweaks, scripts and etc.

DISCLAIMER: We( not responsible for any damage on your device after following this guide.If you're rooted your Android device will lost your warranty!!!


1. First you need to download rooting package from - HERE and put into root of SDcard.
2. Then power off completely your device and boot into Android stock recovery by the following.

guide of rooting samsung galaxy young duos gt-s6102

3. You will see next screen on your device as follows navigate to "apply update from sdcard" by pressing VOLUME BUTTONS and for selection use HOME BUTTON.

boot into android recovery samsung galaxy y duos gt-s6102

4. Look for rooting package and install.
5. After installation of zip you can reboot system then check on app drawer you should to have SuperSu icon.If you want to check whether your device succssesfully Rooted download from Play Store - Root Checker or similar app.
6. Congratulations your device now Rooted you can enjoy of its features.

note: Also with installing rooting package it will install BusyBox 1.20.0 too not needed custom installation one Rooted device must to have busybox almost apps using busybox.
But if you don't know for what is using BusyBox here the explanation.
BusyBox provides several Unix tools in one executable file.
e.g. If you have init.d support also you need to have busybox support for executions scripts at booting without busybox not impossible.


Unrooting is also simple and easy to perform.
Just by the following steps from 1-4 installing unrooting package download from - HERE

source: XDA

[TWEAKS] Optimize your Android with Dash-M (Diamond Edition) Scripts

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Dash-M are scripts which are intended and looking after the cpu, ram, display, touchscreen, wifi/3g, battery, storage and more... therefore they will greatly enhance your device.
Dash-M designed to work with low-end devices like Samsung Galaxy Y, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Mini and others Galaxy series on others with up to 2gb ram and quad core cpu it makes no sense to install on such hardware.

Advantages of Dash-M Tweaks:

  • Works with all low-end devices
  • Easy Installation as well as removing
  • Ram Optimization
  • Faster 3G/Wifi Buffering
  • Improves SDcard write/read 
  • Lags Killer 
  • Increases LCD sensitivity
  • Automatically Cleans Temp & Junk files in system (It won't harm any personal data)
  • Hardest Multi-Tasking UI
  • Optimizes APPS
  • Battery Remains More "Dies Hard"
  • Entropy/rngd Binaries More Lag Killing
  • Decreases booting time
Detailed scripts explanation:

- Dash_zipaligndata and Dash_zipalign - zipaligns data & system every 24 hours
- Dash_touchscreen - Touch screen improving
- Dash_sqlite_optimize - sqlite optimization
- Dash_sd - set sdcard read ahead to 2048
- Dash_Smooth - makes device smoothest
- Dash_Vm - virtual machine improvements
- Dash_netwroktweeks - wifi & data optimization
- Dash_IO - configures your I/O Sheculders
- Dash_batteryceleb - celebrates battery
- Dash_mainfree - configures for hardest multitasking
- Dash_cleaner - cleans temp & junk files from sdcard and system
- Dash_battery - battery life optimizations
- sysctl_tweaks - a part of DieHard Battery And Network improvements
Instructions how to install Dash-M on your device?

note: if you install this tweaks your current scripts if you have will be removed proceed with caution recommended make Nandroid backup before installing this tweaks.
  1. Download Tweaks from below link.
  2. Boot into CWM or TWRP recovery ( still Samsung Galaxy Y doesn't have TWRP recovery ).
  3. Mount all partitions before installing as follows:
  4. - In CWM: go to mount and storage then mount syste,data,cache until you see title unmount;
  5. - In TWRP: go to mount and tick all partitions ;
  6. Install zip from sd->look for Dash-M zip.
  7. That's it!
  8. You can reboot system now!
  9. Just Enjoy for fast performance, better multitasking, increased battery life and more...
  10. note: if you have problems ( like bootloop or other issue) or do not want these scripts you can easily uninstall them by flashing Dash-M uninstaller from below!!!
After installation of tweaks you need to do some steps for killing lag from device:

For activation Activate Rngd/Entropy
Type in terminal:
- su (grant root privilegs)
- Dash

For deactivation
- su
- undash

If you want to test Dash-M tweaks
- su
- Dash-M

Dash-M Diamond Edition - download
Dash-M full uninstaller - download

source: XDA
developer: myaservip

[ROM] stock based Ultimate Black v1 for Galaxy Y

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dark color stock rom ultimate black for samsung galaxy y

To your attention another stock based ROM under name Ultimate Black.You might have guessed by ROM name he have black dark color inside of whole UI.Good side of this black color for battery saving and eye burning compraed to other colors like white.It is equipped with an unique additional modifications on systemUI, framework-res and etc.ROM has adjusted completely with latest tweaks Adrenaline Engine v4.5 therefore device will working faster and smooth also ROM contains other system and build.prop scripts and tweaks.
Also enhancements has been added one of these is Beats Audio + dolby mobile for loud music and good quality volume from speaker.
For screen is has special care tweak Bravia Engine 3 for better contrast and vivid colors.

Full features:
Stock Based
Stock kernel
- Bravia engine 3
- Beats audio +dolby
Tweaks & Scripts:
- Sysctl tweak
- Adrenaline engine v.4.5
- Build.prop tweak
Cosmetic modifications:
Black & white themed
Statusbar mod
15 toggles lidroid rom
6 Lockscreen mod
Pre-installed apps:
- Chainfire 3D

and many more explore by yourself

ultimate black stock rom for galaxy young

How to install Ultimate Black on Galaxy Y:

  1. First Download ROM from - here
  2. Put into SD card 
  3. Boot into CWM recovery
  4. Wipe data/cache
  5. Mount data,system,cache
  6. Go to install zip from sd->scroll for ROM zip
  7. Wait to complete!
  8. Ok reboot & Enjoy of ROM!!!
  9. note: you can use custom kernel with this ROM
source: XDA
developer: Kevin Vengeance

[ROM] TouchWiz Resurrected V1 (S5 Design) for Samsung Galaxy Y

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s5 rom for samsung galaxy young

Introduction of ROM:
TouchWIZ Ressurected ROM is stock based custom ROM, which complements new user experience on Android gingerbread.This ROM provides new epoch of modifications which interrupting gingerbread's features and provides new amazing looks of stock gingerbread interface.Many of modifications are partly due to Samsung S5 ultimate design & style actually even can be say that the it is completely borrowed from it.I can say that this ROM is hardly-themed as original S5 TouchWIZ beauty (you can see screenshots from down), because all resources, framework, apps taken from S5 device.
Everything in this ROM is special as features, looks and performance.

TouchWiz Resurrected S5 Features:
  • New S5 Launcher
  • Ported Galaxy S5 KOT49H.G9009DKEU1ANCC framework layouts
  • Tons of new S5 High quality resources used
  • Use of several Galaxy S5 layouts inside StatusBar
  • Redesigned whole framework
  • Edited Gradient style of StatusBar
  • Statusbar Bg Changes to blueish gradient in most apps
  • Immedeately clear RAM on Recents Panel
  • LifeCompanion Text on lockscreen Updated:- Colorable CompanionText- Sizeable CompanionText
  • Settings with 2 options:- Tabbed Settings- ListView Settings
  • Show/Hide Toggle Text:- Notifications panel- Expanded panel
  • Customizable Toggle Text Color - Notifications panel- Expanded panel
  • Custom Lockscreen Animations
  • Made New Memo App
  • FullScreen apps
  • Lockscreen Music Control
  • MultiWindow Option
  • Show/hide Music control on lockscreen
  • Redesigned Dialer
  • Redesigned Music App
  • Redesigned Settings
  • Redesigned Contacts
  • Redesigned Statusbar 
  • Show/Hide Recents quick buttons
  • Hide/Show Brightness bar in statusbar
  • Edited the scripts for better performance

s5 themed rom galaxy y

s5 touchwiz galaxy rom for samsung galaxy young gts5360
touchwiz s5 rom galaxy young
s5 design for galaxy y

fm radio camera music s5 for galaxy y

Installation of S5 ROM on Galaxy Y?

- Download ROM from - here
- Download CWM recovery - here

  1. Boot into CWM 
  2. Go to mounts and storage then format system, data, cache
  3. Go back and wipe data/cache
  4. Make sure all partition already mounted check on mounts and storage unmount title
  5. Install zip from sd -> look for ROM zip
  6. That's it!!!
  7. You'll be very amazed of this ROM please enjoy it after this installation!

- Layout error in Music app and FM radio

- Proximity Sensor not working
- Dialer FC

source: XDA
ported by: aniket.lamba
original developer: Sniper Killer

[ROM][PORT][CM7.2] CyanLightSpeed for Samsung Galaxy Y

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fast rom and stable for galaxy y

ROM called CyanLightSpeed for the reason of super lighting speed and super stable ROM based on CyanogenMod 7.2 for Samsung Galaxy Young which was ported from Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830.This ROM is pretty nice for our Galaxy Y device because it's consumes small amount of RAM also optimized for fast running and integrates tweaks, scripts for better performance of cpu and more.Holo launcher is default launcher with KitKat icons.
I don't put any screens because many knows what's looks usually CM7.2 ROM but this is I think more good than normal fresh CM7.2 for Galaxy Y.

Main Features :
- Super Fast
- Super Stable
- Performance gain by at least %15 than original!
- Touch sensitivity is improved
- Using a very stable build of the official CyanogenMod rom
- Many programs that run in the background have been removed
- Very customizable
- Most changes are under the hood
- Awesome boot animation! (Thanks Tovagulet!)

How to install CyanLightSpeed?

If you're using stock ROM or stock Kernel do this:

  1. boot into CWM by flashing CWM zip file
  2. go to install from zip->install ext4 converter then
  3. install kernel zip
  4. go to advanced option and reboot recovery
  5. again in CWM:
    - wipe data/cache
  6. go to mounts and storage:
    - format data,system,cache
  7. if data,system,cache not mounted mount until you see unmount title
  8. you can install now ROM zip
  9. wait to finish
  10. that's it
  11. Just Enjoy!
  12. note: you need to install and Gapps 'cause ROM haven't gapps!!
  13. After installation install from PlayStore SuperSu or SuperUser to enable root binaries!!

If you're using custom kernel with integrated CWM into boot.img do this:
  1. install ext4
  2. intsall kernel
  3. reboot recovery
  4. format system,data,cache
  5. mount all partitions
  6. install rom 
  7. enjoy!
source: XDA