Saturday, April 5, 2014

[ROM] VIVO v3.0 for Samsung Galaxy Y

by ama rullz  |  in CyanogenMod 7.2 at  Saturday, April 05, 2014
cyan themed fast rom vivo for samsung galaxy y

Senior Member san122 @XDA presenting new build of own ROM - Vivo ROM v3.
If you previously seen Vivo ROM maybe you have an idea of ​​what to expect from it.It's super cool themed ROM that sits to your Galaxy Y perfectly.Vivo inspired partialy from new Andoid Kitkat 4.4 his best feature is that optimized for full user experience and fast and smooth running at low-memory and slow CPU.It's Based on new compiled source CyanogenMOD 7.2 RC4 which is most stable and hassle free hitherto.
I know every user wishes beautiful styled and fast ROM for own Galaxy Y exactly this ROM provides all that you want.

cm7.2 vivo rom fast and smooth rom for galaxy y

Installations steps?

  1. Boot into CWM 
  2. Mount all partitons on mounts and storage
  3. Install EXT4 converter 
  4. Then install kernel zip file
  5. Go to advanced and reboot recovery(this step is important because filesystem will be converted from RFS to EXT4)
  6. Again in CWM go to mounts and storage then format all data,system,cache and mount all
  7. It's time to install ROM
  8. Wait some time for instllation!
  9. Reboot system and Enjoy!

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Monday, March 31, 2014

[UPDATE] Vivo v2.5

by ama rullz  |  in CyanogenMod 7.2 at  Monday, March 31, 2014
Small update belonging to the newly created for Galaxy Y Vivo ROM which based on CM 7.2 RC4.
Vesion 2.5 of Vivo has just a little bit changes on to SystemUI, VivoHUB and music enahancement.

Changelog v2.5:
- Modified SystemUI
- Modified VIVOHUB
- Replaced Beats with Viper4AndroidFx

vivo 2.5 rom update galaxy y

Installation step:
Attention!!!: If you're already don't have full ROM you need to flash base ROM then update v2.2 and finally this version 2.5. check out this post - VIVO full ROM
  1. Download update v2.5 - here
  2. Boot into CWM 
  3. Go to mounts and storage->mount data,system
  4. Install zip from sd -> scrool to update zip file
  5. That's it!
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Thursday, March 27, 2014

[CM7.2] The best themed and Ultra fast ROM - VIVO 2.2

by ama rullz  |  in CyanogenMod 7.2 at  Thursday, March 27, 2014
The best CM7.2 HOLO themed and extreme ultra fast ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y.

best themed rom for samsung galaxy y

Mind blowing ROM VIVO for your Galaxy Y based on CyanogenMOD 7.2 - RC4 new fully source.
Afte releasing by Broadcom source of drivers CyanogenMOD is better than everbecause without sources of modules, drivers etc. nothing and almost impossible to develop, but from now everything working fine.
san122 presenting VIVO 2.2 ROM for Galaxy Y.It's super consummate Holo light themed close to cyan color designed with own decision to attract attention.
At performance side ROM have integrated great tweaks and for this reason it's ultra fast running with over 256mb of RAM in Galaxy Y.
As mention in post VIVO fully Holo themed which gives no equal settings, control and stability.
VIVO updated to v2.0 then to update package to 2.2 just no needed to flash v1.0 [v2.0] is new build of ROM.
Are you sure you still want to try it ? this is a joke :D


  • Bestest themed
  • Fully Holo light themed
  • Ultra fast & smooth
  • A new experience designed my me to catch your eyes
  • Redefined and rethemed all apps
  • KITKAT 4.4 Bootanimation
  • Quick boot time
  • Recommended for daily use
  • Holo launcher as default launcher
  • Minimal init.d and build.prop tweaks
  • Vivo Hub to totally control your rom and personalise it according to your needs
ultra fast and smooth rom vivo galaxy y

How to install Vivo ROM?
  1. Download from below all files then put to SD
  2. Flash fresh stock ROM(recommended)
  3. Boot into CWM 
  4. Go to mounts and storage->mount all
  5. Flash EXT4 zip file and Filesystem from RFS to EXT4 will be converted
  6. Then Flash kernel
  7. Go to advanced and reboot recovery(this step is important)
  8. Again in CWM 
  9. Wipe data/cache, davlik
  10. Go to mounts and storage->format all
  11. Mount all again
  12. It's time to flash ROM 
  13. That's it!
  14. After all steps and you saw what is the best themed ROM.You can update to v2.2 again by installing zip from sd throught CWM.

  • Download EXT4 tool - here
  • Download Vivo 2.0 ROM - here
  • Download kernel - here
  • Download Vivo 2.2 ROM - here
source: XDA

[THEME] Oplosan theme for Samsung Galaxy Y (only stock deodexed ROMs)

by ama rullz  |  in Themes at  Thursday, March 27, 2014
Here's the one more theme by Andye Ai Ticka.
Theme provides super modern design with nice combination of colors dark, blue, orange.
Statusbar is one of best things in theme inspired from new styles "floated" with expandable sound controls, brigtness slider of top on statusbar, also quicksettings as JB statusbar, big colored icons on lidroid toggle.
At 75% transparent Framework for amazing looks and transparent Play Store MOD I don't any word to describe just amazing.

Full features of what was edited:

  • As I wrote above 75% Transparent Framework 
  • As I wrote above 2 floating SystemUI layout 
  • As I wrote above Transparent Play Store 
  • Transparent Touchwiz dock with title 5 (4x4) icon 
  • ICS axt9IME (keypad) 
  • MyFiles.apk 
  • Memo.apk 
  • DialerTabActivity.apk
  • Settings.apk 
  • Music.apk 
  • Contact.apk 
  • PackageInstaller.apk 
  • Galery3D.apk 

oplosan theme for stock deodexed rom galaxy y

How to install?

Download Oplosan Theme from - here

  1. As Usually boot into CWM
  2. Go to mounts and storage - mount all
  3. Install zip theme
  4. Reboot system
  5. Enjoy!

source: XDA

[THEME] Sky Evolution for Samsung Galaxy Y (for stock deodexed ROMs)

by ama rullz  |  in Themes at  Thursday, March 27, 2014
New beuty styling for your Galaxy Y with Sky Evolution Theme.Sky Evolution have nice dark grey colors therefore for screen protection of LCD display and eye burning, framework edited to 75% transparent, most apps on your ROM will be themed with Sky Evolution style like apps: MMS.apk, Contacts.apk, Phone.apk, Settings.apk, Myfiles.apk, Gallery3D.apk, framework-res.apk, SystemUI.apk.
She's developed by Andye Ai Ticka all credits & thanks to him.
Just take a look at below screen shots to find out what it is about!

theme for stock deodexed rom galaxy y sky evolution theme

How to install Theme?

Download Sky Evolution Theme from - here

  1. Make sure you're on stock deodexed ROM
  2. Boot into CWM
  3. Mount system,data from mounts and storage
  4. Go back and install zip from sd - install zip file
  5. Enjoy of theme!
  6. After rebooting don't panic for long staying at bootanimation it's normal!!!
source: XDA

Monday, March 24, 2014

[ROM-CM7.2] Vivo v1.0 for Galaxy Y

by ama rullz  |  in CyanogenMod 7.2 at  Monday, March 24, 2014
A new CyanogenMOD 7.2 ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y fully based on new source by bieltv.3.Vivo ROM developed by san122 - developer of PureKAT(amazing KitKat ROM for Galaxy Y based on AOSP& PureKAT Xtreme(stock ROM themed as Android KitKat developed for Galaxy Y).Vivo having good simple and good style that sits to your Galaxy Y.Removified some side/apps of ROM to looks well.Vivo have already installed Vulprix scripts and tweaks for multitasking and fast running.
Vivo ROM invited you to see a different side of custom ROMs and in particular CyanogenMOD.

vivo rom samsung galaxy y

Vivo v1.0 ROM features:

  1. It's based latest CM 2.3.8 
  2. Holo light themed
  3. Holo launcher
  4. Integrated Vulprix tweaks
  5. Own Vivo bootanimation
  6. New sounds /ringtones, alarms etc./
  7. Vivo HUB - good developerd app find Vivo hidden platlogo in app 

vivo rom based on cm for galaxy y


  1. Boot your Galaxy Y into CWM recovery
  2. Mount system,data,cache in mounts and storage
  3. Install kernel from install zip from sd 
  4. Go to advanced and reboot recovery
  5. Do a Wipe data/cache
  6. Make sure all partitions mounted look in mounts and storage
  7. Install ROM from install zip from sd
  8. Enjoy of Vivo ROM!!!

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Friday, March 21, 2014

[ROM][CM7.2-RC4] Reincarnation Series v5 - Samsung Galaxy Y

by ama rullz  |  in CyanogenMod 7.2 at  Friday, March 21, 2014
ROM Reincarnation Series has new version 5 better than ever fully Touchwiz Nature UX Edition just amazing.

rom reincarnation series new version 5 on samsung galaxy young

Developer of ROM Rhievaldo changed his mind and doesn't want to stop his project, althought that previously version was in pre-final stage and had to go into final version, so for us is good point we'll new versions and more new versions until ROM reach to the extreme.Also advanced users know that ROM is originaly developed for Galaxy ACE and developer doesn't have Galaxy Y device to port and test, build new modules, improvements and all about ROM, but he was used his friend Galaxy Y to release ROM.
Let's talk about for current v5 which released just now.
Based on new base of CM 7.2 by Broadcom Team.
As you can see on screens and you perhaps convinced that this is an absolutely different version from older.
My first impressions were unbelievable I think v5 is just incredible super beautiful styles like genuine S4 ROM with combination of CyanogenMOD not existing any lag fast running at all.

Features, Interface, Performance of v5:
  • S4 Launcher
  • S4 Lockscreen with real flare effect and sound effects,
  • S4 Styled Statusbar
  • Stock My files
  • Stock CM Calendar modded and renamed to S Planner
  • Stock Memo, modded and renamed to S Memo
  • Stock CM Calculator modded
  • Added Proximity Lockscreen
  • Stock Touchwiz Desk Clock
  • Videos like stock samsung video app
  • Samsung Keypad
  • S4 Music player (base is MIUI Music Player)
  • Quicpic gallery
  • Samsung digital clock widget
  • Samsung stock task manager
  • Beautifull CyanogenMod Lockscreen
  • Added Photo Clock Widget
  • 2.3.8 Screenshot apps
  • Android 4.x title bar
  • Android 4.x security lockscreen
  • Android 4.x notification panel
  • Android 4.x window animation and transition.
  • New Touchwiz boot animation
  • Modded and Included Camera Flash fix
  • 29 Beauty touchwiz Wallpaper included in Launcher
  • Better Battery life
  • Build.prop tweaks (very clean tweaks)
  • Faster GPS lock
  • 2.3.8 Bluetooth versions
  • Reincarnation Engine v.3
  • Reincardio Engine, give excellent music quality and best overall audio engine
  • BLN work
  • Built in flash player 11
  • Full GPU rendering
  • Integrated host file for adblocker
  • Media profile tweaks
  • Removed beep volume panel
  • WIfi tehering really work fine
  • Pre-Installed (optional) in2extv2+ script to expand your internal storage..

How to install Reicarnation v5?

ROM comes with AROMA installer easily installing with touchscreen.

If you're on stock ROM follow next steps:

  • Download CWM recovery - here
  • Download Bieltv3 kernel - here
  • Download ROM - here
  • Put all files into root of SD
  1. Boot into CWM recovery from stock recovery by installing temp CWM recovery
  2. On CWM recovery go to mounts and storage->mount data,system,cache
  3. Go to install zip from sd->flash kernel
  4. Go back and enter into advanced then reboot recovery
  5. Again in CWM go to mounts ...........->format data,cache,system
  6. Wipe data/cache
  7. Steps to enter into AROMA installer:
  8. Now go to install zip from sd->install ROM zip
  9. AROMA installer will appear on screen 
  10. Now you have following options:
  11. - Select your statusbar - [Gradient/Transparent/Normal] - i like Trans
  12. - Select your Continent
  13. - Select your country if yours not present just leave is.
  14. - Optional to installing  In2extV2+ unofficial script tby Stryke to expand your internal memory.
  15. That's it.
  16. Just Enjoy!

If you're on custom ROM follow next steps:

  1. Download ROM & Kernel from below.
  2. Boot into CWM recovery
  3. Mounts and storage->mount system,data,cache
  4. Install kernel
  5. Reboot recovery
  6. Format data,cache,system
  7. Wipe data/cache
  8. Install zip from sd->look for ROM
  9. AROMA installer will appear on screen 
  10. Now you have following options:
  11. - Select your statusbar - [Gradient/Transparent/Normal] - i like Trans
  12. - Select your Continent
  13. - Select your country if yours not present just leave is.
  14. - Optional to installing  In2extV2+ unofficial script tby Stryke to expand your internal memory.
  • Download Bieltv3 kernel - here
  • Download ROM - here
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