Sunday, April 19

Hyperion X Gold Master ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

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hyperion rom x gold master for samsung galaxy y s5360

  Hi guys some time passed since our Samsung Galaxy Y don't seems to have any development signs because device is very outdated and technology hurried pretty and probably many people now use latest smartphones with larger screens, powerfull chipset and many new features, but let's not forget some people аren't yet able to afford new phones.That's why here's the new custom ROM from CarlDeanCatabay amazing developer of Hyperion ROM custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y which is incredibly popular with their unique User Interface and features which no one can provides.
Let's be happy that we still have interested to our device.

ROM name is Hyperion X Gold Master by Hyperion Project 2015 for Samsung Galaxy Y.

Some quick words about this new ROM:

Hyperion X Gold Master - has dark & light combinations of color schemes with great HyperDesk UI.
Completely revamped design with new icons, menus, apps and etc.
Based on CyanMobile Experience ROM by SquadZone customized to Hyperion X.
This release of Hyperion 2015 ROM comes with packed inside stuff on Hyperion ROM ever.
Of course! It's finished with amazing fastest and fluently speed improvements and enhancements compared to old Hyperion ROM from last year version.

fast rom for samsung galaxy y s5360 hyperion x gold master
smooth fast rom for samsung galaxy y s5360 hyperion rom x

best fastest rom hyperion rom x gold master for samsung galaxy y s5360

new rom for samsung galaxy y s5360 hyperion x

custom rom for samsung galaxy y s5360 hyperion rom 2015

hyperion x gold master rom galaxy y fast and smooth 2015

How to install Hyperion X Gold Master on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

Required files:

  • CWM recovery - link ( usual custom Recovery for Android devices )
  • EXT4 Formatter - link ( this thing will format your current filesystem RFS to EXT4 for fastest running it's important!!! don't forget to flash)
  • CyanogenMod specific kernel - link ( special kernel which needed to be flash )
  • Hyperion X Golde Master 2015 ROM - link 
  • Gapps 2.3.x (Google apps: Youtube, Gmail, Calendar, PlayStore etc.) - link
For newbies Installation procedure:
  1. Flash stock rom or use current stock ROM.
  2. Flash CWM Recovery from link
  3. Flash CyanogenMod specific kernel 
  4. Format data, system and cache
  5. Mount data, system, cache
  6. Wipe data/factory reset
  7. Flash Hyperion ROM
  8. Flash Gapps
  9. That's it!

For advanced users you know what to do with custom ROMs :)


  1. If you don't properly format your device using EXT Formatter, you device will be stuck at boot logo on loop!!!
  2. If you don't flashed a CyanogenMod specific kernel: features like screenshot, bluetooth and wifi (radio for calls) will not work properly or won't work at all!!!
  3. If you previously on installation skip or don't format data, system and cache, you will experience auto reboot continuously a sometimes in a day!!!
  4. If you dont's flash Gapps(Google Apps), you can't be able to add your google account and download apps!!!


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Thursday, January 8

How to install CyanogenMod 11 on Samsung Galaxy Ace i

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cyanogenmod 11 kitkat for samsung galaxy ace i

CyanogenMod11 KitKat for Samsung Galaxy Ace i 

For these which don't know about CyanogenMod here's little official info:

CyanogenMod is an enhanced open source firmware distribution for smartphones and tablet computers based on the Android mobile operating system. It offers features and options not found in the official firmware distributed by vendors of these devices. Get more information on CyanogenMod Wiki.

CyanogenMod will transmit to your device life and emotion for the reason that Galaxy Ace i is equipted wtih slower armv6 Broadcom CPU.
CyanogenMod is super fast optimized aftermarket ROM customized to will work smooth and stable.It provides amazing features compared to others stock and custom ROMs.
CyanogenMod is most popular among Android users and thus it's a best ROM ever developed for low, mid and high range Android devices.

cm11 kitkat for samsung galaxy ace i s5830i

First time installation guide:

Custom Recovery booting:

  1. Download CWM recovery for Galaxy Ace i [] - here.
  2. Boot into stock recovery with 3 buttons combo ( VOL UP + HOME + POWER ) until you see recovery.
  3. Then go to apply update from sd and select downloaded (update zip).
  4. Now you have temporary ClockWorkMod recovery.
  5. Recommended make a Nandroid backup of your current ROM:
    how to quick steps:note: you need to have some space on your sdcard for backup files at least 1gb according depends to apps and data on your device.
    - go to backup and restore and select backup text to process beginso if you this steps not clear for you can look at this post - link
Installation of CM11 ROM on Galaxy Ace i:
  1. Download latest CyanogenMod 11 for Galaxy Ace i S5830i (cooperve) - here.
  2. Do a factory reset from wipe/data cache.
  3. Go to advanced and wipe dalvik cache.
  4. Go to install zip from sd and look for CM11 zip then confirm installation of ROM.
  5. Wait to process finish!
  6. That't it now you have CM11 on your Samsung Galaxy Ace i S5830i (codename: cooperve).
  7. Optionally you can install gapps packege(Play store, Gmail, Youtebe, Gmail and other Google apps) download from - here.
  8. Enjoy!
note: Check out for latest nightly builds of CM11 for Galaxy Ace i on this - link

source: XDA

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Monday, December 15

PinasLang Custom Kernel for CyanogenMod 11 - Samsung Galaxy Y

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Here's the new developed custom kernel specially for CyanogenMod 11 ROM and it's only working with Samsung Galaxy Y device.
It's provide more features & fixes than stock kernel of CyanogenMod 11 .This is first initial build, but can break Delta update on CM ROM hold it in note.

What's the features of  PinasLang kernel:

  • First build Nethunter #1
  • Update to upstream version
  • Update some patch from github and lwn
  • Offline changer icon change to white
  • CWM recovery changed background to purple
pinaslang kernel galaxy y cyanogenmod 11

New CPU-freq Governors:
- Intillidemand 
- Brazilianwax 
- Smartassv2 
- Smoothass 
- Savegedzen 
- Scary 
- Lagfree 
- Lionheart 

New IO Schedulers:
- BFQ 
- VR 

How to install custom kernel on CM11 - Samsung Galaxy Y:

Installation of kernel is simple just with AROMA installer with fully touch functionallity.
You can revert back to stock kernel if you have issues.

  1. Download PinasLang Kernel NetHunter - here
  2. Boot into CWM recovery
  3. Then follow next steps from screen shot:
install custom kernel galaxy y cm11 pinaslang nethunter1

After installation of kernel check in settings for kernel signature.

nethunter 1 custom kernel galaxy young cyanogenmod 11 kitkat

source: XDA

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CyanogenMod 11 KitKat for Samsung Galaxy Young S5360


cyanogenmod 11 kitkat installation on samsung galaxy young
CyanogenMod 11 for Galaxy Y 
While most low-end devices like Samsung Galaxy Y don't gets update to Android JellyBean even up to KitKat, however our device Galaxy Y S5360 is still corcerned among developers, they developed CyanogenMod 11 KitKat actually CM11 was builded for almost all Аrmv6 based devices.
In this post I will describe How to correct install CyanogenMod 11 on Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360.
I will warn you It's not fake! It's real CyanogenMod 11 Android KitKat!
I can say that: CyanogenMod is the best custom aftermarket ROM for Android devices.It's optimized with huge advantages compared to stock ROMs.It's favourite amidst advanced Android users.CyanogenMod provides best user experience and fully functional device.
This's revolution for Galaxy Y.Galaxy Y can running better than ever with no lag.

For these which don't know about CyanogenMod here's little official info:

CyanogenMod is an enhanced open source firmware distribution for smartphones and tablet computers based on the Android mobile operating system. It offers features and options not found in the official firmware distributed by vendors of these devices. Get more information on CyanogenMod Wiki.

Here's the some screen shots from ROM how it looks!!!

cyanogenmod kitkat 11 for samsung galaxy y gts5360
Screen Shots from CyanogenMod 11 captured on Samsung Galaxy Y
Installation instruction of CyanogenMod 11 - Samsung Galaxy Y:

Files for download:

  • - download
  • CWM.tar(only for ODIN) - download
  • CyanogenMod 11 latest OTA 04/01/2015 - download
  • Galaxy Y with Stock ROM 
note: you can download latest updates directly from this page: CYANOGENMOD 11 ARMV6 TOTORO
  1. Download all files into SDcard
  2. Turn off device then hold Home + Vol Up + Power button until you see Recovery
  3. There's two ways of CWM recovery installation:
    Just flash CWM zip archive from option /apply update from sd/
    Flash CWM.tar via ODIN flasher
  4. After finishing installation of CWM proceed to next steps.
  5. Boot into CWM recovery like booting into stock recovery
  6. Do a wipe data/cache from menu
  7. Go to install zip from sd and choose CM ROM zip archive then confirm yes for installation!
  8. Wait some time for installation to finish!
  9. That's it you now have KitKat ROM on your Samsung Galaxy Y!
  10. Please, be patient first booting can take up to 5min don't eject battery!!!

source: XDA

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Saturday, September 6

[CM7] PatatoCM ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y with weekly updates


PatatoCM ROM for Samsung Galaxy Young

PatatoCM is another newcomer CyanogenMod 7.2 ROM builded from source for Galaxy Y with cool features grabbed from other custom ROMs. PatatoCM aims at to add new features in every week through updates rather than to waiting final release of ROM thus you will not need from changing ROM, because unlikely not find it boring or rather outdated with updates.
About ROM:
PatatoCM is yummy as of your favorite potatos (this's a joke!)
Of course! there's the great taste from CyanogenMod, it's quite fast & smooth and strongly stable.Stylish or design inspired from some new trends as from new upcoming release Android L maybe something from previously Android KitKat version.
As early referred weekly updates will add more feautres and more new mods to ROM.
Stay tuned CyanogenMod and weekly update by PatatoCM ROM to your a modest Galaxy Y.
patatocm rom on samsung galaxy y gts5360

Main features of PatatoCM:

  • All features from original CM7
  • Statusbar layout
  • Clock layout
  • Smooth Progressbar
  • Toast animation
  • Listview animations
  • Framework mods
  • more on weekly updates!!! :)
fast smooth stable cm rom for samsung galaxy young patatocm with updates

Installation of PatatoCM on Galaxy Y
Same as CM7 but let's mention for newbies!

Download this files:
Flashing instructions:

recommended before anything for backing up your device current state check out this thread - Nandroid Backup
  1. Boot into Android recovery by turning off device and holding VOL UP + HOME + POWER BUTTON for 3-5sec. then apply update from sd look for CWM recovery zip.
  2. In CWM go to install zip from sd and install EXT4 converter zip
  3. Then install kernel zip.
  4. Go back and go to advanced then reboot recovery.
  5. You will be redirected to CWM directly(which is integrated into kernel).
  6. So wipe data/cache from main menu.
  7. Go to mounts and storage and format data,system,cache after format make sure all partitions are mounted must see unmount label.
  8. The the penultimate step install zip from sd and look for ROM zip
  9. After installation of ROM optionally you can install Gapps package(include PlayStore, Youtube, Gmail etc.)
  10. Cheers! Enjoy! That's it!
    source: XDA | developer: mariozawa

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